2010 年衛塞月圓夜的沉思

One Globe, One Hope
A Contemplation Inspired by the Full Moon of Vesak 2010

    The Honorary Secretary of
World Buddhist Sangha Council
Seik Hui Siong

 It is a great pride for all Buddhists around the world to have the United Nations (UN) recognized Vesak day as the United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV). Moreover, the UN has been continuously supporting Vesak celebration and activities each year internationally and promoting peace.

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to Thai Sangha members and Mahaculalongkhorn University, whose tireless effort make us possible to celebrate, commemorate, and witness the greatness of the Buddha, His compassion, and contribution to our civilized society. Buddha's wisdom always brings happiness, and profoundly touches people's lives on earth. This strength inspires all of us to diligently and continuously serve our society so that we can all achieve high quality of life and promote world peace.

We have witnessed the sorrowful trouble of planet Earth since the beginning of this new millennium. It has now become more apparent and affected many aspects of our life. Although we know that impermanence law is a substantial factor, humans are also mainly accountable for a continued destructions. Irresponsible human activities (e.g., war, excessive chemical waste, etc.) have reduced the quality of life of both humankind and other members of the Earth community. These activities have accelerated the damage rate comparing to if we live and use our resources mindfully. As we enjoy and rejoice our achievements in art and scientific knowledge, we frequently ignore and afraid to admit that we are the most dangerous creatures on Earth.

By nature, humans see opportunities and are capable to become greedy. Our intelligence has the capacity to manipulate others in order to gain more power and access resources. We are often easily influenced by anger and ignorance, thus become violent if we cannot accomplish our desire. To this date, we, directly or indirectly have destroyed the climate of this planet. Global warming is one of the results of the long term destruction. A gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere will change and bring a permanent damage of any living creatures, including humans. However, we still have a brief window of opportunity to restore the quality of life through showing our loving-kindness to our planet and applying wisdom into our daily life.

Varied attempts on all levels of government, business, and civil society have been and are being made to rectify the current climate problems. However, no real or lasting progress in improving the outcomes can be achieved if we have not started from ourselves. A commitment from each individual is needed more than ever to save our planet. Throughout the history of mankind, we can conclude one thing in common, that is, we strive to seek for happiness, reduce sufferings, so that we can improve the quality of life. This objective is the fundamental idea why we should be united to overcome climate challenges. Although we come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and culture from all around the globe but we have one same hope, that is to achieve happiness. This hope is very universal, easily understood by all, but it takes a brave man and woman to work hand in hand in realizing it. A cultivated and peaceful mind may lead us to a sustained happiness that is free from anger, hatreds, and ignorannce, thus can improve the quality of our life on this globe. Gaining happiness through accumulating power, wealth, using excessive energy resources can only damage the environment and still will not solve live problems. Therefore, I believe that applying Prajna (wisdom) to create balance in daily life will create a peaceful environment that is free from selfishness, fears, and hatreds. With a sustained environment, a peaceful mind can be attained. Our hard work is very significant so as to let the next generation live without fears to various disasters. May this vision of one globe one hope inspire our preserverance to cultivate our minds toward saving our planet, sharing our happiness to all.

2010 年衛塞月圓夜的沉思

释 慧 雄


   我也衷心的感謝泰國僧團成員們和 Mahaculalongkhorn 大學,在他們不辭辛勞的努力下,我們才有今天的因緣共同一起慶祝,紀念和見證佛陀的偉大,慈悲以及佛陀對我們的文明社會所作的供獻。佛陀的智慧給人類帶來的幸福,也深深的感化一切眾生。就是這力量不斷的推動著我們奉獻社會,使人們生活得更好,更和諧。

   在人類近千年的發展中,我們見證了地球所面臨的許多悲哀。我們現在已明顯的感受到这對我們生活中產生了多方面的影響。雖然我們瞭解無常的因素,但人類對地球的破壞應當負起主要的責任。人類不負責任的行為 ( 如 : 戰爭,過量的化學污染 ) 降低了人們以及所有生態的生活品質。這種行為加快了地球的毀滅速度。人類應當謹慎的使用自然資源。當我們在享受和歡慶我們在文化和科學上所達到的成就時,往往忽略和迴避了我們是世界上對自然界危害最深的眾生。


   名階層的政府部門,企業和社會團體都在努力改進目前的氣候變化。但是,不從我們本身自已開始,一切努力將是徒然。人類個別對拯救地球的承諾比過去任何時候都重要。從人類過去的歷史中,我們可以得出一個共同的結論,就是人類努力追求幸福避免痛苦,從而提高生活的品質。這共同的目標使我們有共同的理由團結在一起來決解氣候變化的挑戰。雖然我們來自不同的背景,不同的宗教信仰以及不同文化的地方,但卻擁有共同的願望 - 就是追求幸福。這是永恆的願望,一個大家都能理解的願望,但它需要勇敢的男人和女人肩拼肩共同努力才能達到。一個清醒的頭腦和平靜的心可引導我們獲得持久的幸福而遠離慎恨和無知來提升我們的生活的品質。利用權利,財富和多余的資源來達到幸福的目標只能給環境帶來更多的破壞而不能徹底解決問題。因此,我相信用般若知慧來達到平衡的生活才能創造和諧的環境,脫離自私,慎恨和恐惧。有良好的環境能促進平靜的心。我們目前的責任非常重大,我們必須為下一代創造一個無災難,無恐惧的生活 環 境而努力。但願我們這一個世界一個願望的夢想能啟發我們的內心,為保衛地球創造共同的幸福而努力。